Dewalt D24000(s) 10″ Wet Tile Saw Review

The DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch Wet Tile Saw with Stand is a great tool to have for contractors and homeowners alike. It boasts a 1 1/2 horsepower, 15 amp motor allowing easy cuts through even the hardest materials, such as granite.  DeWalt has designed this motor/blade to tilt and lock at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees for those miter cuts. The plunge feature alone is a fantastic reason to own this saw, for it makes register and outlet cuts in no time. The D24000(s) also has a 3 1/8 inch cutting capacity to handle masonry jobs and can cut up to thirteen inches from the motor support to the blade.  It is built on an integrated,  stainless steel, cantilevered, rail and cart system giving it a 24 inch ripping capacity and an 18 inch diagonal cut. This is one of the best capacities in the industry for a 10 inch saw.

Transportation of this saw by vehicle and by a person has been made relatively easy. It fits well inside of a vehicle with a footprint of 36″X26″. At 69 pounds (dry weight) it can be moved easily. But it can also be broken down further by removing the sliding table or the water trays.

Dewalt’s adjustable water nozzles and the rubber aprons help to minimize the mess that comes with many of the wet tile saws on the market. The dual adjustable water nozzles keep the water stream directly on your blade to minimize over spray. The rubber aprons surround the blade guard to trap the majority of the water before it can get outside of the blade guard area. There are two water containing attachments for the rear and side of the saw to catch run off and the inevitable spray. It also has a 5 gallon water pan that can easily be cleaned. The cart table top is lined with rubber to prevent tile slippage while cutting. It has a locking system for transport and to keep the table on the saw while in use. The cart system is removable for easy clean up and transportation.

DeWalt has 90 day money back guarantee, 3 year limited warranty for defects from workmanship or faulty materials, and a 1 year free service contract. The competitors only have 1 year warranties.

Features Overview

- Cantilevering Rail and Cart System

- 18″ diagonal & 24 inch ripping cuts

- 69 pounds with a compact frame

- 1 1/2 hp motor, 4200rpms, 15 amps (strong enough to cut granite)

- Integrated 45 degree/ 22.5 degree miter

- Plunge option for cutting registers or outlets

- Adjustable Dual Nozzles to direct water flow to your blade

- Rear/side water containment attachments to decrease run off and spray

- 5 gallon water pan

Other Features

- The D24000(s) comes with a folding stand specifically designed for this saw

- Includes blade, blade wrench, and Allen wrenches

- Operating Voltage 110v/120v @ 60hz (North America)

- Included Corner Cut Edge Guide (2 position 45/90 degree)

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